Recovering Access After Losing Your Ledger Passphrase: A Step-By-Step Guide


The Ledger hardware wallet provides high-level security for your cryptocurrency assets. By storing your crypto assets offline, Ledger wallets help protect them from hackers and malicious software. However, the high-level security also means that if you lose your recovery passphrase (also known as a recovery seed or mnemonic phrase), regaining access to your funds can be a challenge.

But don’t panic, there’s still a chance you might be able to regain access to your wallet. However, it’s important to note that your recovery options may depend on the information you have left and the safety measures you had set up previously.

Here are some steps you can follow:

1) Check For Backup: Ledger always recommends writing down the 24-word recovery phrase on the Recovery Sheet and storing it in a secure location. If you’ve followed this advice, you should have a physical copy of your recovery phrase. Look everywhere possible: your documents, files, safe boxes – basically anywhere you could have stored this information securely.

2) Alternative Recovery: If you’ve used your Ledger wallet with software wallets such as Electrum or MyEtherWallet, these might have copies of your keys. Check your software wallet recovery options. You might have saved your recovery phrase on these platforms.

3) Ledger Live Passphrase Reset: If you have lost the passphrase for the Ledger Live application and not the recovery phrase for the hardware device itself, you can reset it. However, you will need the original device PIN and access to the device used with Ledger Live to perform this action.

4) Reach out to Ledger Support: If you still can’t find your recovery phrase, contact Ledger’s customer support team. They may be able to help guide you through any other potential options. However, keep in mind that Ledger does not keep a copy of your recovery phrase and will not be able to recover it for you.

Things to Avoid:

While trying to regain access to your wallet, be aware of scams and fraudulent services. Avoid these common traps:

– No Third-Party Services: Ledger will never offer to recover your recovery phrase for you, nor is it possible for them to do so. These services are fraught with risk, and they require a level of trust that may not be warranted, given the sensitive nature of the information involved. However, if you’ve exhausted all other options and decide to proceed, the following guidance may be useful.

Working with a Wallet Recovery Service:

Choose a Reputable Service: Not all wallet recovery services are created equal. Some are scams designed to take advantage of desperate people. Do extensive research before choosing a company. Look for services with a solid reputation and positive customer testimonials.

Verify their Methods: Before using any recovery service, make sure you understand their methods. A trustworthy company should be transparent about their process and should not ask for more information than necessary. Never give your hardware wallet to any recovery service.

Understand the Risks: Even if the company is reputable, there’s still a chance that they won’t be able to recover your wallet. Additionally, you’re trusting the service with your private information. They should have robust security measures in place to protect your data.

– No Ledger Follow-up: Scammers may impersonate Ledger to ask for your recovery phrase or other personal information. Ledger will never ask for your recovery phrase.

– Beware of Phishing: Do not input your recovery phrase into any internet-connected device or any website form. This phrase is the key to your wallet and should be kept offline at all times to maintain its security.


Losing your Ledger passphrase can be frustrating and scary, but don’t rush. Take your time to carefully follow these steps and remember that your recovery phrase is your last line of defense – keep it secure and confidential at all times. Always remember to regularly back up your recovery phrase and store it in a safe place for situations like these.

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